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Updated 20AUG21

The Feral Cat Foundation (FCF) is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization whose primary mission is to help people live with the feral and forgotten cats and kittens in the communities of Alameda and Contra Costa counties of northern California. We accomplish this through the nationally-recognized and effective method of "TNR" (trap-neuter-return). When possible, tame cats and kittens are adopted to loving homes. Cats that cannot be socialized are returned to the location where they were trapped and fed daily by caring volunteers. The lack of resources and a sanctuary prevent FCF from being able to take owner surrenders, rescue cats from shelters, or remove cats from neighborhoods. We invite you to read FCF's Commitment Statement and hope you enjoy your visit to our website.

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COVID 19 and FCF
Due to the continued Covid19 threat in California our services are extremely limited right now. The veterinarians we work with are still severely limiting services and appointments. Although we have opened up a few of our adoption locations and are once again able to do some trapping, rescue organizations like ourselves are facing some challenges that may make those things difficult. One of those challenges is just how many stray cats and kittens need rescuing. Because we were unable to do much last year, the population of unwanted cats and kittens has exploded. We have taken in a record numbere of these forgotten felines. Some of our fosters are housing 2 to 3 times the usual number. Please be patient with us and continue reading to see how we are being impacted.And, as always, remember Spay/Donate/Foster/Adopt. We can't do it alone!

FCF Annual Raffle

It's that time of year again! Our raffle tickets are on sale now. To get yours, visit one of our adoption sites or call our hotline at 925-829-9098. We have a some great cash prizes this year and a couple fantastic trips. As always ALL proceeds go directly to helping the cats.

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If You Find Kittens

It is very important to assess the age of kittens BEFORE handling them. If you pick up a kitten that still has it's eyes closed, chances are the mother will reject the kitten. Babies this young have a very slim chance of surviving with bottle feeding. On the other hand, waiting until a kitten is 6 months old to attempt socialization is also asking for disaster. Here is a guide to age and appropriate action.
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Benjamin is a sweet and loving boy with a lot of personality. He gives our household many laughs! He absolutely loves to cuddle, be picked up, and purr the hours away with his people. He's very intelligent and would be a great candidate for clicker training! He already knows how to sit and wait patiently for his food. Being part Siamese, he is vocal and knows what he wants! He loves to chit chat and says a lot of "herrows!"

My favorite thing about him is how social he is. He is always open to meeting new people and making fast friends. He has never met a stranger. Benjamin also loves to explore (he's such a smart boy) and finds more pleasure in an enriching environment than in interactive playtime (although he loves that too). He has been an only cat for a long time but I truly believe he could adjust to life with another kitty, as long as the introduction was methodical and not rushed. He would also love to continue being the only kitty too, I'm sure!

Since he's been with me, we discovered (with the help of his wonderful vet) that he has an overactive thyroid, and so he is on meds for this. He takes the crushed up pills happily with a bit of wet food or-- his favorite. To meeet Benjamin contact Trish crawpl3@gmail.com or Pam pams_94107@yahoo.com

We have wonderful cats looking for homes Many have lost their homes and families.

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