Barn Buddies

Like the song on "Green Acres", our barn buddies say "take Manhattan, just give me that countryside"! They are felines looking for a country home, ready to give the rodents in your barn or stable a little exercise (shall we say). All are spayed or neutered and current on all vaccinations. All they ask of you is a dry, warm place to sleep, a way to escape from predators and at least one meal of cat food and a bowl of fresh water each day - they'll take care of their own snacks and dessert! Our barn buddies will need to be sequestered in a contained environment for about one month so that they come to know their new home - but they come equipped and the caregiver will gladly explain all when you call.

Barn Cat Agreement Form

cute-gray-kitty-with-blue-eyes.jpgWe have a variety of cats looking for indoor/outdoor or outdoor homes. Some are truly feral and came from colonies that had to be moved for safety reasons. These are cats you won't see much of except at feeding time, but you can be sure they are out "earning their keep". Some are timid but friendly with their feeder. They never warmed up enough at adoption days but will bond with a care person and appear "tame" once they get to know you. Still others are completely tame but have behavioral issues such as spraying that prevent them from being adopted into an indoor home.

Consider which type of personality will fit best in your situation, and then call our hotline (925) 829-9098