Become a Volunteer

It's been a rough couple years. Due to the pandemic and just the passage of time, we have lost long time members, volunteers, fosters and partner veterinarians. These losses mean we are doing far less spays and neuters than we would like and are able to help far fewer callers and homeless kitties. We are in desperate need of the following:

New Members

Members pay a small membership fee each year and in return get access to medications, reimbursement for veterinary expenses related to TNR and adoptable cats and kittens, access to adoption venues and support from our board of directors.

Veterinarian Partner

Veterinarian Partner for ordering vaccines and medications-as a non-profit rescue, we keep our costs down by ordering vaccines and medications at wholesale but need a vet office to have them delivered to. We are currently in need of a new partner office for this.


Veterinarians offering rescue discounts for spay/neuter-with the proper resources, we can spay/neuter a couple thousand stray and feral cats each year. In return for discounted services, we refer our adopters and hotline callers to our partner vets for continues pet care. A win/win!

Colony Feeders

Our feeding program provides life-sustaining nutrition to homeless (spayed and neutered) cats that would otherwise go hungry. This activity involves providing fresh food and water as well as tiding up the site one or more times per week.

Hotline Calls

We are currently looking for volunteers to answer calls one day a week. We get many phone calls every day and each one needs to be answered. We will provide education and guidelines for doing this.

Social Media

We are currently looking for a couple social media experts to help manage and provide content for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you or someone you know can help, please contact our hotline (925) 829-9098