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Website Description

Alley Cat Allies

Promotes nonlethal control for feral and stray cats with trap-neuter-return (TNR) programs that effectively reduce their population by sterilization - not euthanasia. The Info Center- Links provides Feral Cat Organizations (by state).
A Safe Haven For Cats "Caution-Kittens At Play"
Specialize in Rescue & Adoption of very young Kittens. They also offer tips on trapping, managing a colony, caring for newborns, and why you should not declaw.
Best Friend's Animal Sanctuary The nation's largest sanctuary for abused and abandoned animals.
California Siamese Rescue Siamese Rescue and Adoption and home of the Meezer Express (providing transport for Siamese nationwide)

Feral Cat Coalition

Large amounts of information of critical interest to those dealing with, or interested in, feral cats.

Fix Our Ferals

Fix Our Ferals offers spay/neuter clinics for homeless cats in the Oakland/East Bay California area. Our services are free!

Forgotten Felines of Sonoma County

A non-profit all volunteer organization dedicated to the care and control of the feral cat population in Sonoma County, California.

Island Cat Resources and Adoption

Island Cat Resources & Adoption (ICRA) is an all volunteer non-profit organization dedicated to reducing the suffering of the abandoned cat population of Alameda and Oakland, California and to educate people to their plight.

National Abyssinian Cat Rescue

The National Abyssinian Cat Rescue group (NAR) is a network of Abyssinian lovers that are dedicated to help any Aby in distress anywhere/anytime.

Persian Cat Rescue of Northern California

Rescues cats from Northern California shelters to prevent their scheduled euthanization - on occasion, accepts surrenders directly from individuals who are unable to continue to care for their pets.

Feral/Stray Cats page includes Feral/Stray Cat Organizations located near a zipcode. Enter zipcode and scroll to the bottom of the page.

Project Purr

Project Purr is a volunteer, nonprofit cat rescue organization, providing adoption and relocation services for abandoned, domestic and feral cats and kittens in Santa Cruz County, California.

San Francisco SPCA

Since 1993, The San Francisco SPCA has been working with feral cat caregivers to control the feral cat population, provide some medical care, keep the cats adequately fed and--when possible--adopt them into loving homes.

Silicon Valley Friends of Ferals

Serving the Silicon Valley in California, a feral cat rescue and advocacy group employing TTVAR (neuter and release) to control population growth. Many lovely rescued cats and kittens are available for adoption.

Stanford Cat Network

Founded on the belief that all life should be valued and treated with dignity and respect, the Stanford Cat Network has a long-term commitment to the health and well-being of homeless cats on the Stanford campus.

UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine 

Provides information and organizations relevant to caring for feral cats.