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Updated 15JUL19
Success Stories

Little Noel's Story

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When I was trapped, I was in pretty bad shape. I was fully grown but I only weighed 5 pounds. I had a serious upper respiratory infection and cancer on my ears. White cats are prone to skin cancer if they are out in the sun a lot (just like light skinned people). In addition to spaying me, the veterinarian determined that my ear tips needed to be removed to prevent the spread of the cancer. If there had not been a volunteer willing to care for me for at least 2 weeks while I recovered, the veterinarian would have recommended that I be euthanised.

I must admit that I was not pleased to awake and find myself spayed and in a recovery cage. Although I was given antibiotics in my food, I just couldn't seem to kick the upper respiratory infection. After two weeks, the people caring for me had to ask themselves whether it was fair to keep me (a feral cat) enclosed and continue treating me. My primary caregiver felt strongly that I wanted to live and would be able to deal with people for a more extended recovery period.

Although I was wary, I would approach her and allow minimal contact. Over time, I became more and more comfortable being handled. My recovery took a long time (about 6 months) and patience from both me and the person, but I am a very happy and healthy 9 pound cat today. I am the kind of cat that lets people know when I am not happy and that will never change, but my person enjoys that about me. Now-a-days, I only think about nipping occasionally when I am told to get OFF my person's lap. My person knows my signals very well and can always predict my intent and talk me out of it.

Quote From Little Noel's Person

"Noel is a wonderful cat. She is self-confident and demands my respect. She will (as she says above) let me know when she doesn't like something. To be honest, she generally has a valid point. She is extremely alert, active, and affectionate! I have a much more 'equal' relationship with her than with my other cats where I am clearly the boss. Noel would not be the right cat for everyone, but I thoroughly enjoy her personality. When I went out of town recently, I was delighted to learn that she let my neighbor (who was pet sitting) pet her after only a couple days."

Can You Help?

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to FCF to help other feral cats. Make your check out to Feral Cat Foundation and mail it to Feral Cat Foundation, P.O. Box 1173, Alamo, CA 94507. Or volunteer to feed some feral cats in your area one day per week or volunteer time to help in some other way. Complete our Volunteer Form and we will get back to you quickly.

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