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Updated 15JUL19
Success Stories

Adele the One-eyed Wonder Cat

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A good friend of mine who traps/neuters/releases (tnr) around Oakland, through an organization other than FCF, found this very sick and debilitated small white kitten. She was handleable so she picked her up, but when she brought her to the rescue contact, they told my friend she would be put to sleep, since no one could foster and treat her at the time.

So of course she brought her to me. This being a life or death situation- how could I refuse! This kitten was malnourished, had one eye bulging out of the socket because of severe infection under it, and when I washed her the water ran red from flea feces! Seeing such infestation on her, I put some flea med on a small towel and wrapped her in it for a few minutes. In her weakened state, she may not have withstood the meds directly on her, but fleas would hop off onto towel when I wet the kitten. I had to be extremely gentle and smooth in all I did, so she wouldn't go into shock and die. Many years ago a small orange boy in almost the exact same condition did just that and it was a horrific experience I am not able to forget.

But Adele was more alert and active, and not afraid of me after all! So after she was fairly presentable -and surely more comfortable, poor baby!- she had a vet exam and the prognosis was very encouraging- 2 weeks on antibiotics, good kitten food, a warm and comfortable bed- and she would be strong enough for the enucleation surgery. That horrid-looking black and bloody globe would be removed, leaving her with a single beautiful blue eye.

Adele is now very affectionate, very active and friendly with other cats. Perfectly healthy now, she needs to be adopted in a home with at least one other cat, even a small dog? She has grown unafraid of our big and gentle pit-bull.

But- we dont have many visitors and she runs to hide when strangers come! So she will need a little adjustment to a new environment. Adele looks for my hands and headbutts them to stimulate some petting! She chases my feet, catches up and stops short.in front of me to ambush me! She is loads of fun, and her manners are so endearing... We are still searching for that special family who will understand and love this special little girl.

Without donations to our Medicat Fund to help pay for necessary veterinary surgical services, the outcome for Adele could have been very different. We continue to be thankful for donations from generous people like you.

You can help us save more cats like Adele by making a tax-deductible donation to our Beyond TNR-Saving Feline Lives 2015 fundraiser. Just click on the link.

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