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How You Can Help

Become A Volunteer

Activities High Priority Needs Volunteer Interest Form

There are a variety of activities for volunteers who can donate time to help Feral Cat Foundation. Many activities require only an hour or a few hours per week; other activities may require a significant amount of time for a limited period. In all cases, training and support will be provided by other experienced volunteers. Click on the link to "jump" to the section below where you can learn more about an activity that interests you.

Work With Cats and Kittens Support Work

Trap Feral Cats

Each cat that we spay/neuter has an important impact on the overall population of homeless cats in the community. There are two ways to participate in the FCF trapping program. You can provide a location in your local area where people can come to borrow FCF equipment or you can learn to trap yourself and help us answer calls for help in your neighborhood. Checkout the information on trapping on this website. We also offer classes. Time commitment varies from a few hours to many hours depending on how involved you would like to be.

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Feed a Local Cat Colony

Our feeding program provides life-sustaining nutrition to homeless (spayed and neutered) cats that would otherwise go hungry. This activity involves providing fresh food and water as well as tiding up the site one or more times per week. These duties are shared among a group of people in a local area so volunteers fill in for one and other when schedule conflicts arise. The time commitment varies from a few minutes a day to a few hours per day depending on how many sites you are helping with. Experienced feeders will share “tricks of the trade”. This is a great way to make new friends in your area.

Our feeders provide food and water. When we get donations of food, they are shared among our feeders.

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Post-surgery Recovery

After feral cats are trapped, we need safe, monitored location where they can recover after spay/neuter surgery. Many people use a garage or shed. They are returned back to their colony after they are recovered. Males are recovered after neuter for 2 days, females for 5-7 days. Other medical problems may vary from 2 days to a several weeks.

FCF will provide the recovery cage, litter box, food and instruction. This is an easy way to help individual cats by allowing them to have time to recover from their surgery before encountering the challenges of their normal environment.

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Foster Adoptable Cats and Kittens

Our foster parents provide a temporary home and care for a litter of kittens or a cat until they can be adopted into a permanent home. Depending on age of the kittens or the cat, the commitment will vary significantly from a few weeks to months. When you volunteer to be a foster parent, we will discuss your situation and desires. For example, if you don’t work outside of the home, you might be interested in caring for “bottle babies”. If you have calm older children on summer vacation and who love animals, you may be willing to take a litter of kittens that needs to be socialized to become comfortable with people. Or you may just be interested in caring for social kittens that need basic care and affection for a short period until they are adopted.

To be a foster parent, you must have a room where the kittens or cat can be isolated from your pets but be comfortable and receive attention and love. You must also be willing to learn to watch for signs of illness and to deliver basic medical care for minor illnesses, e.g., oral medication. We have lots of experienced volunteers who will support and help you.

You provide the food, litter and bedding. FCF provides the medical care and gets your foster animals adopted into loving homes. Transportation to vet and adoption day can be shared by foster and a representative from FCF. Foster homes are desperately needed because we cannot rescue kittens and cats in need if we have no place to care for them.

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Help at an Adoption Site

This volunteer activity includes setting up/taking down tables and at the adoption site. You are responsible for answering the public’s questions and educating them about responsible cat care. You will also be screening potential adopters and supervise as they interact with the animals. After an adoption, if the people are not experienced with cats, you will counsel them about the supplies they will need to take home for the new member of their family. This activity usually takes 3-4 hours on a weekend day.

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Take Cat/Kitten Pictures for the Web

This volunteer activity requires that you have a digital camera that can take nice pictures for our website. You will also need some patience since taking pictures of cats and kittens can be trying. We need people who are willing to go to nearby fosters' or members' homes to take pictures of our available cats and kittens. You will need to upload the pictures to your computer and email them to our web developer.

This activity requires the flexibility to arrange to meet people in your local area as required.

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Help with Fundraising

We need people who can organize fundraisers and/or support fundraising activities. The time you put into this varies on how involved you want to get. Contact us to discuss your interests and the events that we are currently working on.

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Administrative Tasks

This general activity involves helping out from time to time on support tasks as they arise. For example, we have 2-4 fundraising mailings per year and we need help folding, stuffing, labeling and stamping our mail outs. Occasionally we need to contact members who do not have email by phone to notify them of information or request assistance. We can always use help developing content for our webpage or articles of our Spring Newsletter.

You can put in 1 hour or several depending on how much time you have and what your interest is.

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Help Maintain FCF Cats on the Web

This activity requires that you have a computer with high-speed access to the internet and you should be comfortable navigating the internet. You do not need web development experience. It would be helpful if you have an application that allows you to resize photos.

This activity requires several hours per week.

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Answer Phone or Email Requests

We get many phone calls and e-mails and each one needs to be answered. We will provide education for doing this and you can put in as much time as you have.

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Transport Cats and/or Supplies

From time to time we need help getting cats to a vet for spay/neuter or other medical treatment or to an adoption day. Also, we need to get donated food, litter, and equipment to the people who can use it.

Time commitment will vary on how much you are willing to do. You provide the car and gas.

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Public Relations/Communications

At this time, we do not have a public relations/communications program. We would be delighted to have someone with experience and/or interest volunteer to help us in this area.

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