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"Come From the Heart"
Discounted Long Distance

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Come From the Heart
Promoting cooperation and mutual benefit
as the preferred way of doing business

Member Co-op America Business Network

Come From the Heart is dedicated to providing excellent long distance service at extremely competitive rates. Because we are not affiliated with any one company, we can offer customers the long distance carrier whose service best meets their individual needs.

Come From the Heart is committed to building a better world by contributing directly to non-profit organizations that help people, animals, and/or the environment. We also support educational and arts programs. The non-profit organization is not required to use our service in order to receive this donation.

The PowerNetGlobal (PNG) Plan

As an example of the available alternatives, PowerNetGlobal is a plan that best meets the needs of many Californians. PNG features 5.9 cents for your state-to-state calls and 5.9 cents for calls within California. PNG also offers “PowerDial” where you program a toll free Number before dialing your instate long distance. The “PowerDial” instate rate for California is 4.5 cents. Please call for other states' instate rates.

If you are interested in learning more about the PNG service or discussing other alternatives, you may call toll free 888-622-0957. Please mention the Feral Cat Foundation code number 1860 when you call.

Contribution to Feral Cat Foundation

Come From the Heart contributes 5.0% of your monthly bill to Feral Cat Foundation at no cost to you or to the organization.

For additional information or to signup, call:
Ian Rudick, Come From the Heart

Please leave a message if there is no answer and your call will be returned promptly.


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