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About Feral Cats

Taming Abandoned Cats & Kittens

Given time and patience and care from a compassionate person, many feral cats can become loving companions. In fact, they can become the most devoted pets. If this is something you want to do, ask an animal rescue organization for suggestions.

Kittens of feral mothers can be tamed quite quickly if they are handled when they are young enough. Kittens are generally adoptable more readily than friendly adult cats. (Everybody loves kittens, but they do grow up.) There are organizations that will help you adopt kittens or give you guidance about screening to find a good home for them.

There are different methods that work and a lot depends on the personality of the individual cat. Read our Formerly Feral Cats stories for approaches that our members have used successfully, i.e., Gracie's Story and Kiana's Story.