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Updated 20AUG21
About Feral Cats


Introduction to Trapping Cats FCF's Trapping Assistance Program Preparing to Trap Trapping Pregnant Cats or Mothers with Young Kittens

FCF's Trapping Assistance Program

FCF loans trapping and recovery equipment in Alameda and Contra Costa counties of Northern California. Traps come in three sizes: kitten, cat, and raccoon (for large cats). We have recovery cages sized for two cats at a time. Basic instruction is provided for inexperienced trappers. A deposit is required and is refunded when the equipment is returned in good condition.

Our traps are intended for getting feral cats spayed or neutered and releasing them back in their home neighborhood; our traps are not to be used to take any animal to the shelter or pound.

Information on local veterinations who will spay/neuter feral cats is available. The Fix Our Ferals program holds periodic clinics where feral cats can be spayed/neutered at no cost. Check their website for details.